Service outline



At Bike Matters we pride ourselves on our consistency and technical knowledge and abilities. As a trusted Service Centre our workshop can often be in high demand, therefore It is essential that bookings are made for ALL service requests. We will always try to fit basic repairs such as tyres and tubes around the day’s bookings, in order to keep you rolling until workshop availability opens up. Please refer to our service menu and request the most suitable option when booking in. Our staff may recommend a free assessment of the bikes condition if you are unsure which is right for you.


The Service

We prefer bikes to be dropped in either the night before, or by 11am on the day of the service. We will always endeavor to complete the work on the same day as the booking, but due to timing next day pick-up may be necessary. We will always advise if your bike needs further work or parts ordered and will only be able to give a rough time frame for the return of the bike due to external factors with suppliers and shipping. All communication is via SMS unless otherwise stated. Please advise staff if you would like to keep any parts removed.



Due to limited storage space, we can only hold the bike 2 days prior and 2 days following the day of the booking (5 days total). Bikes that are left beyond this time will incur a $5 daily holding fee that will be added to the total bill, as it reduces our capacity to service other customers bikes. If collection cannot be prompt, please re-book at a time that better suits you.



Tune up

(Surf Coast Special)

$70.00 all parts and fittings extra

All the basics to keep your bike safe and rideable for the daily surf check and coffee run.

Great for kids bikes too.

  • Bike inspected
  • Brakes adjusted front and rear
  • Gears adjusted front and rear
  • Wheels checked, Quick Release / Axle bolts
  • Crank and pedals Checked
  • Steering bolts Checked
  • Tyres pumped
  • Test ride & Service report


General Service

(Surf Coast Essential)

$110.00 Including 2 Standard Items Fitted

For all the bikes that see regular use on the Surf Coast. MTB E- Bike or Gravel Bike? This is the one for you.

  • Frame, wheels and main components wiped down and inspected for damage.
  • Cables lubricated
  • Brake and Mech pivots lubricated
  • Full bolt and fitting check, inc cassette and rotors
  • Frame bolts checked (basic ,not to torque settings) see Pivot rebuild
  • Chain wiped down and lubricated on the bike
  • Brakes adjusted front and rear
  • Gears adjusted front and rear using all alignment tools needed
  • Hubs, Bottom Bracket headset checked, adjusted if needed
  • Wheels trued in bike
  • Steering bolts checked
  • Tyres pumped
  • Test ride and service report



Premium service

(Surf Coast Premium)

$350.00 includes fitting of all items

 Excluding bearings


For all of you who are hard on bikes, essentially a full strip clean and rebuild. Check the add on for full suspension bikes. Suspension services can also be added to this with no fitting removal or fitting cost.

Everything in a general service plus

  • Headset overhaul
  • Bottom Bracket Overhaul
  • Full brake bleed and flush front and rear (recommended every 12 months)
  • Hubs overhauled and bearings installed as needed.
  • Full bike wash / Polish
  • Drivetrain Degrease on chain, cassette, cranks & mechs
  • Chain waxed with our workshop Teflon mix
  • Brake pads and rotors cleaned and refreshed
  • Sealant top up (sealant included)
  • Wheels checked for true and tension
  • Suspension set up on collection.



Need a Little Extra?

Bike wash. $30

Outside bike wash for the bikes brought in straight from the trail


  • Drivetrain Degrease $35

(only available on chains under 1.0 on Chain Wear Tool)

Chain, Cassette and Cranks.


  • E-bike Specific $50

Motor / battery connections cleaned, firmware updates and any associated reports. Only available on Bosch, Shimano and Brose Motors.


  • Suspension set up $30

Static sag and rebound checked and adjusted to recommended settings.


Pivot rebuild $60

Suspension pivot clean and regrease. Bolts to torque Specs (each bearing replaced extra $10), bearings not included



Suspension Services.


Currently Bike Matters is offering the following services in house using all factory seals and recommended oils.

In some cases the oil damper circuit and cartridges may need to be overhauled. This is done external to the store and will be sent to the appropriate service Centre.



Fork in bike $100

Includes headset clean and re-grease surfaces.

Fork out of bike $85

Fork seals cost outline below

Seal Kit Rock shocks $30 - $50

Seal kit Fox $45 - $60.

A lower leg service is the bare minimum for suspension maintenance. This service is recommended every 50hrs of riding. This includes condition inspection, clean lower leg assembly, assess bushings for appropriate tension. Replace dust seals, foam rings, and bath oil, general function test on hand dyno.


Rear Shocks

Rear Shock in bike $70

Rear shock out of bike $60

Rear shock seal cost outline below


Seal kit Fox $40 - $60

Seal kit Rock shocks $30 - $70

An air can service is a basic service for air-sprung rear shocks and replaces all seals within the air can, and the main dust wiper seal. It is recommended at 50hrs of ride time. Appropriate assembly grease used and installed back in bike if needed, re-set air to original psi. Set up can be made on collection if needed for additional charge, (see suspension set up)