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SERK Serk A10 "The Purist" Titanium Road Frame BTO (Built-to-order)

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Product description

Serk Titanium Bikes, Built to order 

Tailored for You

Experience the joy of customizing your perfect bike with our Build-to-Order service. Handpick specific features and components to craft an ideal ride that aligns perfectly with your preferences and riding goals. We can assist on this journey from group-set selection to bike fitting, ensuring you receive a truly personalized cycling experience.

Your vision, our expertise – together, we create true cycling escapes.

Fast and stable road bike 

Our A10 was designed with stability and speed in mind. Our backyard and testing grounds are the mountains which surround Beijing. Every week we are are out pushing our bikes to the limit on the smooth descents in the area. The geometry of the bike was designed to be fast and stable to really take advantage of the type of riding in the region. The stack values on our frames are modest allowing you to get nice and low (reducing your centre of gravity and increasing the stability of the bike at speed) or add in some spacers to achieve a more upright position with extra comfort.

T47 Bottom Bracket

We’ve adopted T47 across the Serk Titanium line. The standard is here to stay and allows you to fit almost all the standard sized cranks on the market creak free. T47 is threaded which virtually eliminates bottom bracket creaking. It also allows for much easier service and installation.

Clearance For Larger Tyres

Our 2022 A10 now has clearance for larger tyres - 30mm measured.

Semi Integrated Cabling

We love the clean aesthetic of internal cabling. However we also like lightweight bikes. Instead of using a fully internal cable routing system with a heavier cast bottom bracket we opted for semi-integrated. Cables are hidden from the inlet ports near the head tube before exiting under the bottom bracket where they are exposed but hidden under the bike. This configuration is the lightest design option while still retaining a clean aesthetic - the perfect balance between performance and beauty. The included cable ports can be swapped out for Di2 versions if you prefer an electronic groupset from Shimano. Prefer no ports for an wireless SRAM build? Message us and we can produce a customised version of the frame.

Bike for life

Before we started our own bike brand we ran a bike shop for almost a decade. You learn a lot on the shop floor servicing and repairing bikes for all brands and all walks of life. Nothing irks us more than the tendency for some brands in the industry to develop proprietary parts with unique sizing and new gimmicks. After a few years it can be hard to source replacements and after a decade or so you can completely forget it. Sometimes something as simple as a worn out headset bearing of a weird size or an odd shaped aero seatpost can render an older bike completely obsolete. What a waste in so many ways.

Our bikes are designed for life. We chose titanium as a material for its longevity and we carefully consider the specs on our bikes with the same philosophy. Everything on our bike is standard size and commonly available. In a decade if you need a new headset, seatpost or bottom bracket for your Serk bike it will be easy to source. Even our forks have a number of different aftermarket options available with the same configuration making them easy to come by wherever you are exploring new frontiers.

This approach to bike design is not only smart but its also responsible. We've designed a timeless bike that will last and give back for decades to come. That's how it should be.

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